Skill Acquisition.

Circuit training log book. PDF pages 178-184

Practical assessment programme 2015.

EPIP guidelines football and rugby

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Summary of course
Learning skills  

Contemporary Summary

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Classification of Skill
Types of ability
Information processing

Clips for analysis
Tiger Woods

Badminton Rally


Gym sequence

Jessica Ennis


Slalom Skiing

Cricket catches


AS Practical. This is an outline of how your 15 minute talk is going to go.
Preparation time. You have an unlimited amount of time to plan your EPIP. You are given a blank piece of paper and you should use this as your template.
Divide the template up into sections. Strengths, Weaknesses, and sub divide into categories Technique, Tactics and Fitness (Speed, Strength, Stamina, Suppleness/Flexibility). Watch your performer. The analysis HAS to relate to the performer, so you cannot simply learn your talk by rote.
Write down all the techniques relevant in your sport. You can then tick or cross them as your performer works. Consider all the tactics that can be used in your sport. Tick and cross accordingly.
Long talk on Strengths and Weaknesses.
Highlight a major weakness to take through to your Action Plan. Make sure it is a technique, but you could add a tactical or fitness element as well.
Timescale. Essential. Weeks, Days. Duration of each session.
Baseline test.
The Perfect Model. Go through the correct technique in detail.
Progressive practices from Kinaesthetic feel, through to match situation. Consider 'conditioned games'.
Re test at the end of the Action Plan.
Go through Health Benefits of this sport. Social, Physical, Mental.
Opportunities to participate locally and nationally. Girls, Boys, Adults, Veterans, Disabled, Minority Groups.
Mention the NGB and initiatives. Research through the NGB website.
I then say 'Well done'

Background work. Research at least 6 techniques relevant to your sport and learn the perfect model.
Make sure you know at least 6 progressive drills and practices to support your talk.
Write an A4 sheet on Health Benefits and Opportunities to participate.

Good luck.

Sport History. 

Learning objectives. These are what you need to know for your exam. Summarised from text book. Click
Sport and the British. Free download on I Tunes.
For some sample work sheets. Click

Go to BBC iplayer to find episodes of the series.

Homework for Tuesday 4th November. Read the extract from Tom Brown's Schooldays below. Check in your text book what is meant by Technical Developments, Social Relationships, Values. From the extract write down or copy and paste five examples of each.

Homework for Thursday 20th November. Take notes on this podcast.
Sport and the British. HW about Public Schools

Rational Recreation. 
Lesson 1. Journey from land to town. Read this as back up to the lesson.
Case studies. Brief background to our 5 sports 
Evidence sheet for working conditions in early 19th Century 
Provision, opportunity, esteem. Sport today
Presentation of popular recreation,  Rational recreation, Charterhouse, Timelines for Sport History  Cricket  Rational Recreation 2

120 things to learn

Sport and the British. HW about cricket.


Extract from Tom Brown's Schooldays

Church and Football

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