Clubs and Activities. Week beginning 19th June. Week A

Monday before School. 
Monday lunchtime. 
Monday after School. Tennis club for Year 8's early release. Last one. Athletics club all ages including early release for Year 8's.

Tuesday before School.  
Tuesday lunchtime. 
Tuesday after School. 

Wednesday before School. Borough Sports. All day.
Wednesday lunchtime.  Beginners Swimming Club
Wednesday after School. 

Thursday before School.   
Thursday lunchtime. 
Thursday after School. Year 7 early release tennis club. Last one. Year 7 cricket club in the playground.

Friday before School.  
Friday lunchtime. 
Friday after school. 

Junior/Senior Fitness Training.
Basketball Clubs.  
Year 7 football.
Year 8 football.
Year 9 football
Senior football
Badminton Club.  
Table Tennis. Check for lunch clubs.
Judo Club. 
Cross Country.

Cricket nets. 
Athletics Club. 
Tennis Club.  At Sutton Tennis and Squash Club.SM25HH
Swimming Club.