Games Lessons. Week beginning  22nd May

Monday. Year 9 Games. House Cricket. 1st Round. Blue v Brown, Green v Red. A team (11 a side), B teams (10 a side) at the field. C teams in the playground. (9 a side)

Tuesday. Year 8 Games.  House Cricket. 2nd Round. Blue v Green, Brown v Red. (11 a side) A, B and C teams (8 a side) on coach at 1.15pm. D teams (8 a side) in the playground. Meet at 1.40pm outside Sports Hall.

Wednesday. Year 11 and 13. Exam leave.

Thursday.  Year 10 Games.  House Cricket. 2nd. Blue v Green, Brown v Red.  Round. A teams (11 a side), B teams (10 a side), coach and minibuses at 1.15pm. C teams (9 a side) in playground. Meet outside Sports Hall at 1.40pm.

Friday.  Year 7 Games.  INSET

Choice 1. Get coach or minibus back to School.
Choice 2. Make own way home by car or on foot. Walk to 470 bus stop, or Cheam or Ewell East Station, or to Cheam Village for 213, 151 to North Cheam, Worcester Park, New Malden and Kingston. It is 20 minutes walk approximately.