Week beginning Monday 18th September

Week A.  Welcome James. Good luck Tony. Trevor away Wednesday.

Monday . Year 9. StaffJT, TW, SS, RP, WH, AH, SB, LB. Registration at 1.15pm. All to football. House team trials. All to Northey. More problems with transport to the field! We will need a car for the remaining few. Trevor, could you drive the remaining few!

Tuesday. pm Year 8. Staff JT, SB, SBa, LB, AB, RF, AH, RW, SET test

Wednesday. Year 11/12 Staff.  SB, JF, AH, TW, RF, SK, AM, LB.  House football. Year 11 and 12. SB, JF, AH, AM, LB. It would be great to find 2 Year 13 referees for this afternoon. Badminton. RF at 1.00pm. Basketball. SK from 2.00pm. Fitness training from 1.30pm.

Thursday. Year 10. Staff.  SB, JF, RF, AH, TW. House football. A and B teams to Northey. 1.15pm. JF coach, RF, SB, and TW minibuses. AH C teams (sorry) and finish lunchtime club. 

Friday. Year 7. Staff. TW, AM, AH, RF, AB, SB,  Register boys at the top of the playground at 1.15pm. 5 fixtures against Wilsons. One teacher with each team.

Mick and Sam.  Please could Pitch 4 be marked out again in blue as a temporary 9 a side pitch.

Monday. pm. 4 senior pitches
Tuesday. pm. 
Wednesday pm.  4 senior pitches and Cuddington Croft
Thursday pm. 4 senior pitches
Friday. pm. 4 x 9 a side pitches for matches v Wilsons, and Pitch 7
Saturday am. Pitches 1,2,4,5,6, 7 v Wilsons

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK A. Swimming pool in use again all week. Check coach schedule for Thursday.
Monday. 2 coaches and minibuses. 
Wednesday. 2 coaches and 4 minibuses.
Thursday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses. Could Ray do an upward trip at 1.15pm. 
Coach 1.15pm to Northey. 2.50 School to Northey. 3.20 Northey to School. 3.40 School to Northey. 4.10 Northey to School.
Friday.  2 coaches and 4 minibuses