Week beginning Monday 22nd May

Week B. Take 2 for a home athletics match. Year 10 leaders to be informed. We will probably need all the minibuses for the Athletics match as there is no coach hired for homeward journey. (Nothing on Wednesday afternoon though)

Monday . Year 9. Staff. SB, SBa, AB, TW, AH, AM.  House Cricket 1st round. A and B teams at the field. A teams 11 a side, normal rules. B teams 10 a side should try a pairs game. AB, TW, AM and AH at the field. SB and SBa at school. Athletics club after school again with D of E volunteers.

Tuesday. pm Year 8. Staff. SB, RF, TW, AH, AB.  House Cricket 2nd Round. SB, AB, TW, RF, JW (A, B and C matches), JT and AH D teams in playground. Transport at 1.15pm. Need to get the A matches going very quickly . A team matches are 11 a side, B, C and D are 8 a side. 

Wednesday. Year 11 Staff. SB, AB, AH, TW, PD, SH, CL.  Exams. Set up athletics match.

Thursday.pm Year 10. Staff.  SB, SK, RF, AH, TW.  House Cricket. A and B teams at the field. Leave at 1.15pm. C teams at school. AH, TW, SK and RF at Northey. SB at school with JT. 

Friday. Year 7. Staff. RP, SB, AM, SS, AB, TW, RF, AH.  INSET

Mick and Sam. 

Monday. pm. House Cricket. 
Tuesday. pm. House Cricket. Strips on the end of each square, Astro, extra wicket for B teams between pitches 4 and 5. Could you find a place for a strip away from the main pitch. Doesn't matter if it's close to the other extra wicket. No markings required on these.  
Wednesday pm.  Athletics meeting after school at 4.30. Full meeting. Hurdle markings.
Thursday pm. House Cricket. 4 games.
Friday. pm. INSET
Saturday am. 

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK B. Pool open all week please.

Monday. 1 hired coach. 3 minibuses.  Ray to drive tennis club boys at 2.55pm
Tuesday. 1 hired coach. 4 minibuses. Ray to drive at 1.15pm
Wednesday. Coach at 3.40pm to Northey Avenue for School athletics match. All minibuses. Could the back gates and playground be kept open for our return (normally about 6.15 with minibuses). We will lock up.
Thursday. 1 hired coach. 3 minibuses. Ray to tennis club at 2.55pm.