Week beginning Monday 23rd September

Week B.

Monday  Year 9.  Staff. SB, AH, TW, SS, RP, SBa. House Football. AH at School, to take Year 8 training. Everyone else to the field for House Football. Manor v Lenham, Greyhound v Throwley. SBa coach. SB, TW, SS and RP minibuses. AH at school.

Tuesday  Year 8. Staff. SB, AB, AH, TW, SBa, WH. Four fixtures v KCS. Suggest AH, WH and either AB or TW. Remaining 3 staff at Northey for football with the others. Matches and lessons organised by SB.

Wednesday Year 11 and 13 Staff. SB, AB, RF, AH, TW, SK, AM. See schedule on home page for students. Adam will do rota on Monday. I’m happy to do 6.30-9.00. TW probably will prefer 4.00-6.30

Thursday. Year 10. Staff. SB, AB, RF, AH, TW, SK.  House Football. SB at School for C teams and lunch table tennis club. Will go up on coach with Cross Country club Year 7 at 2.50. Senior football training and cross country club at 3.40pm. Netball again at School

Friday. Year 7. Staff. SB, AB, RF, AH, TW, SS, WH. All boys are at Northey Avenue for football. 1.15pm registration and transport. A-E matches v KCS. Perhaps try to get some 6th formers to referee so we can provide something meaningful for those not in teams (some grid games, ball each sort of stuff). Will send details in the week.

Mick.  Football all week. Thanks for the cross country cutting.
Monday. House football
Tuesday. Training areas and 5 a side.
Thursday. House football
Friday. Pitches 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 for matches v KCS
Saturday am. Senior and Junior pitches.

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK B. Pool in use this week for all classes and Open Evening on Wednesday. Please check the coach bookings this week as there are some matches. Edward Thomas did send 53’s on Thursday. We had 3 ‘stray’ students on the coach who shouldn't have got on!
Monday. 1 coaches and 4 minibuses.
Tuesday. 1 coach to KCS (Kingsway Motspur Park), later return. 1 coach to Northey. Normal times.
Thursday. 1 x 53 coach and 4 minibuses. See Google Calendar for details. 1 coach to shuttle. 1.15, 2.50, 3.40 with a return back to school at 4.00pm
Friday. 2 coaches and 4 minibuses. Late return please. Say at 3.40pm leaving the field.