Week beginning Monday 19th March

Week B.  Really tough week to organise. Ray and Sarah are away Monday and Tuesday. The Year 9 team are away at Wilsons (weather permitting). I am away with Year 8 athletics team on Thursday afternoon. District Finals after school on Thursday. I will try to find cover wherever possible. Volunteer required to take the Year 7 A team for their District Final.

Monday . Year 9. StaffJT, TW, SS, RP, WH, AH, SB. No registration. SB running Basketball and Badminton today from 1.00pm. TW climbing. Could you work with me for the first 45 minutes in the Sports Hall. SS to take Year 9 A team to Wilsons for District Cup match. AH and WH to Northey with the remaining football group. Tony, could you help me after Assembly 2.15-3.00 in the Sports Hall.

Tuesday. pm Year 8. Staff JT, SB, SBa, RF, TW, AH, AB, No registration. Basketball at 1.00pm. Badminton at 2.00pm with some fitness work. Climbing, RF at 1.40pm. Golf, AB at Northey. Football. TW and AH. JT will help in the Sports Hall.

Wednesday. Year 11/13 Staff.  SB, AB, AH, TW, RF, SK, AM. Athletics at Sutton Arena. AH. Transport to be arranged. Indoors Badminton and Basketball. Probably some recreational football at the field, maybe a couple of internal matches.

Thursday. Year 10. Staff.  SB, AB, RF, AH, TW.  TW at school this week. I will organise a coach to take up football teams if I can find someone free Pd 7 to be on the coach. SB at LYG at Crystal Palace. Leaving 12.10pm. RF climbing. AH and AB football on coach. We will probably need to find some linesman, from Year 10 perhaps to stay for the finals. 

Friday. Year 7. Staff. TW, AM, AH, RF,  SB, AB. SB, AM, AH.  RF, AB and TW to the field. 2 coaches. Rugby lesson 2. SB filming and assessing Charlie. 

Mick and Sam.  Note District Cup finals on Thursday.
Monday. pm, Games lesson. Any pitch or playable area.
Tuesday. pm.  Games lesson. Any pitch or playable area.
Wednesday pm.  As above.
Thursday pm. District Cup Finals. Pitches 1-7, and Pitch 9. 
Friday. pm. See Monday and Tuesday.
Saturday am. Pitch 7 only.

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK B.  
Monday. 1  coach only. 1 minibus to Wilsons. Small. 1 to climbing.
Tuesday. 1 coach only. 1 minibus to climbing. 1 to Northey.
Wednesday. 1 coach. 1 minibus to Sutton Arena.
Thursday. 1 coach with an additional run to the field at 2.50pm. 1 minibus to Crystal Palace at 12.10. 1 minibus to Northey at 1.15pm. 1 minibus to climbing at 1.40pm
Friday. 2 coaches. 4 minibuses if possible. (For return journey).