Week beginning Monday 20th May

Week B. Simon away on Monday. Will probably need a cover teacher for the afternoon.

Monday  Year 9.  House Cricket. TW and WH. Athletics. SB, RP, DC

Tuesday  Year 8. TW, RF, SB, NP, SBa, AB. Registration at 1.15pm. SB and TW House Cricket. Lenham v Throwley, Warwick v Greyhound. Athletics Week 3. SBa, RF, AB and DC. We should try and get some High Jump done?? Discus, Shot and Javelin trials. 100 and 200 metre trials.

Wednesday Year 11 Staff.  Home Athletics. Set up in the afternoon.

Thursday. Year 10. Staff.  Registration at 1.15pm. TW and AB House A team cricket Manor v Lenham, Greyhound v Throwley. Athletics session. Athletics session. Track, Javelin and Triple Jump. SK, RF, DC and hopefully a couple of others

Friday. Year 7. Staff.  INSET

Mick.  House Cricket continues this week. Home Athletics match on Wednesday. Could the boards, pits be worked on a bit if possible.
Monday. Athletics and House Cricket
Tuesday. Athletics and House Cricket
Wednesday. Home Athletics match.
Thursday. Athletics and House Cricket
Friday. INSET
Saturday am. No fixture.

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK B.
Monday. 2 coaches. 3 minibuses. Would it be possible for someone to drive us to the field at 1.15pm, and also to tennis at 2.55pm. If there are a few away on Monday, then we may not need the lunchtime trip.
Tuesday. 2 coaches. 3 minibuses.
Wednesday. 1 coach and 3 minibuses. (Giles has one) at 3.35 to Northey Avenue. No return.
Thursday. 2 coaches. 3 minibuses. 1 minibus to Sutton Tennis at 2.50pm
Friday. INSET