Week beginning Monday 20th November.

Week A. Enterprise day on for Year 11 on Tuesday (I think).

Monday . Year 9. StaffJT, TW, SS, RP, WH, AH, SB, LB. Registration at 1.15pm. Registration at the top of the playground at 1.15pm.  RP climbing. Minibus at 1.40pm. SB, LB badminton and basketball from 1.00pm. TW, AH, WH and SS football. 1.15pm coach.  Should be about 60 boys for football.

Tuesday. pm Year 8. Staff JT, SB, SBa, LB, RF, TW, AH, JF, Registration at 1.15pm.  SBa Climbing. Boys change at 1.30pm for a 1.40 leave to Craggy Island. RF and AH at School for Basketball and Badminton groups. SB, TW and JF and LB at Northey (maybe too many of us with JT, perhaps another one could stay behind for the Sports Hall groups (big numbers at School)

Wednesday. Year 13/11 Staff.  SB, JF, AH, TW, RF, SK, AM, LB.  Badminton. RF at 1.00pm. Basketball. SK from 2.00pm. Fitness training from 1.30pm. SB minibus with Year 12 A to Salesians, All others to Northey for 2 matches and recreational football.

Thursday. Year 10. Staff.  SB, JF, RF, AH, TW. New options. AH badminton.  RF climbing. SB, LB, JF and TW football.

Friday. Year 7. Staff. TW, AM, AH, RF,  SB,  JF, Manor at School for basketball. One of us needs to take this. All others to football. 4 lesson scheme of work to start, with 5 groups.

Mick and Sam.  Monday. pm, Training areas, 5 a side and Pitch 3
Tuesday. pm.  Training areas, 5 a side and Pitch 3
Wednesday pm.  4 senior pitches
Thursday pm. Training areas and pitches
Friday. pm. Training areas and 9 a side.
Saturday am.  6 senior pitches and Pitches 8 and 9.

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK A. 
Monday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses. Less numbers this week.
Tuesday. 1 coach. 1 minibus.
Wednesday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses. Coach to Northey. Could be a late pick up. Say 4.00pm
Thursday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses.  1.15pm. 2.50pm pick up from school, 3.20pm back to school.  No other pick up today.
Friday.  1 coaches and 5 minibuses. Could Ray drive one on the upward journey only.
Saturday.  Coach to Lingfield. 8.15am