Week beginning Monday 18th June.

Week B.  House Cricket. Monday, Thursday and Friday. Baseball on Tuesday. Borough Sports on Wednesday.

Click here for draft scheme of work.

Monday . Year 9. StaffJT, TW, SS, RP, WH, AH, SB.  House Cricket. Round 3 I think. Manor will play baseball. A, B and C teams at the field. Coaches and minibuses at 1.15pm

Tuesday. pm Year 8. Staff JT, SB, SBa, RF, TW, AH, AB, Baseball for all boys. Coaches and minibuses at 1.15pm

Wednesday. Year 11/13 Staff.  SB, AB, AH, TW, RF, SK, AM. Borough Sports.

Thursday. Year 10. Staff.  SB, AB, RF, AH, TW.  House Cricket. Round 3. Blue v Red, Brown v Green.

Friday. Year 7. Staff. TW, AM, AH, RF,  SB, AB. House Cricket. Round 3??. Manor will play baseball. Lenham v Throwley, Warwick v Greyhound.

Mick and Sam.  Back to House Cricket now. No more athletics this year. Could the strip between Pitches 4 and 5 be cut regularly. 
Monday. pm. House Cricket. 
Tuesday. pm. House Cricket.
Wednesday pm.  
Thursday pm. House Cricket
Friday. pm. House Cricket
Saturday am. 22 yd and 21 yds strips v Glyn.

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK B  Borough Athletics on Wednesday. 8.30am coach. Up only.
Monday. 2 coaches. Last  run to tennis club run to tennis club at 2.55pm
Tuesday. 2 coaches and 2 minibuses. 
Wednesday. Coach at 8.30am to Sutton Arena.  2-3 minibuses at Sutton Arena for journeys back. 
Thursday. 2 coaches. 
Friday. 2 coaches.