Week beginning Monday 18th March

Week A. Sarah and Ray away Monday and Tuesday. SB to cover climbing on Monday, RF on Tuesday. Football matches on Tuesday and Thursday at home. Lots of food required!!

Monday  Year 9.  Registration at 1.15pm. New options to continue. Sports Hall activities starting at 1.40pm and going on until 3.40pm. AH and WH Basketball and Fitness Training (suggest asking James Tuck to stay at school), SS, DC, TW football. SB climbing. Basketball groups change over. Year 9 A team v Wilsons at 4.00pm.

Tuesday  Year 8. Registration at 1.15pm. TW, DC at School, starting at 1.40pm. (Table Tennis club on 1.00pm-1.35pm), RF Climbing. SB, AH, AB football. Matches v KCS. I think I have got 4 6th Formers to referee. Hari, Ben Sproston, Chris Vincent + someone else.

Wednesday Year 11/12 Staff.  Registration at 1.15pm. Year 12/13 A team v Glenthorne in District Cup. 3 teams v Royal Russell. Year 11 A, Year 12 A and Year 11 B. TW, AM, DC, SB, AM, AB, Badminton and Table Tennis from 1.00pm. Basketball at 2.00pm. RF, SK and ZZ

Thursday. Year 10. Staff. Registration at 1.15pm. Football group to leave on coaches. AB, TW, AH, DC(with some 6th Formers), Matches v Dulwich College. SK, SB and RF at school.

Friday. Year 7. Staff. New groups. AB and SBa at school for Basketball. RF and DC rugby. SB, SS, TW, AM and AH football.

Monday. Training areas for football. 1 pitch after school.
Tuesday. 6 pitches for matches v KCS.
Wednesday. 4 senior pitches for matches v Glenthorne and Royal Russell.
Thursday. 6 pitches for matches v Dulwich College
Friday. Rugby pitch, all training areas. 1 senior pitch.
Saturday am. 4 senior fixtures and 3 x 9 a side.

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK A.
Monday. 1 coach and 1 minibus.
Tuesday. 1 coach and 2 minibuses. Jamie to drive a group to the field at 1.15pm
Wednesday. 1 coach. 2 minibuses.
Thursday. 1 coach and 2 minibuses.
Friday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses (must be 4!!!)
Saturday.  Coach to White City, Latymer. 8.00am leave.