Week beginning Monday 10th December

Week B.

Monday  Year 9.  Football. TW, DC and SS. Coach at 1.15pm. RP. Climbing. 1.40pm. SB, WH, AH and JT. Basketball, Badminton and Fitness Training. 1.00-3.00pm. Badminton starting at 1.00pm

Tuesday  Year 8. Climbing. SBa. Football. SB, DC, AH, RF. SB and RF minibuses, plus a premises staff driver 17 seater on standby. Basketball and Badminton. AB and TW.

Wednesday Year 11/12 Staff.  Trevor at Forest School. One Year 13 A team away at Royal Russell. Normal badminton, basketball etc at school. Trampolining after school. Leave at 5.15pm

Thursday. Year 10. Staff. INSET.

Friday. Year 7. Staff. Another 2 week scheme in place for football. In your pigeon holes later in the week. 7 Greyhound are at school for introductory Badminton lesson. RF and SBa.

Mick and Sam.  Mick, would it be possible to do a bit of work on the Cuddington pitches this week. We use them a lot and the surface is a bit uneven, particularly the far pitch in the top far corner. Let me know if there is anything you can do.
Monday. Training areas.
Tuesday. Training areas
Wednesday. 1 senior pitch. Whichever is in the best condition.
Thursday. Training areas
Friday. Pitches 8 and 9, Grids and Pitch 7.
Saturday am. 6 home matches (2 x 9 a side)

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK B No Thursday return from now on. Please could we have a 17 seat driver on standby for an upward trip on Tuesdays. Also, could manage with 1 coach on Fridays again until Xmas, but must have all 4 minibuses available.
Monday. 1 coach.
Tuesday. 1 coach and 3 minibuses. Driver on standby please at 1.15pm.
Wednesday. Coach and 4 minibuses to Northey.
Thursday. 1 coach and 2 minibuses. No return coach for 2.50pm
Friday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses.