Week beginning Monday 16th October

Week A. We are hosting the Borough Cross Country Championships on Thursday so the after school programme has changed.

Monday . Year 9. StaffJT, TW, SS, RP, WH, AH, SB, LB. Registration at 1.15pm. Registration at the top of the playground at 1.15pm.  TW, SS, RP, AH. Greyhound training. WH and LB. C teams SB. Coaches WH and AH, Minibuses TW, SS and RP.

Tuesday. pm Year 8. Staff JT, SB, SBa, LB, RF, TW, AH, JF, Registration at 1.15pm. House Football. C teams in the Sports Hall. LB and JF to take Warwick for training. SB, RF, AH, TW, House football. SBa, C teams in Sports Hall.

Wednesday. Year 11/12 Staff.  SB, JF, AH, TW, RF, SK, AM, LB.  Badminton. RF at 1.00pm. Basketball. SK from 2.00pm. Fitness training from 1.30pm. 2 staff to Wilsons with teams. 4 minibuses to Northey for recreational footballand cross country perhaps. We will organise who is going where on the day.

Thursday. Year 10. Staff.  SB, JF, RF, AH, TW. New options. Football, fitness training and badminton only. AH badminton. Others to football. 

Friday. Year 7. Staff. TW, AM, AH, RF,  SB,  JF, JF and Charlie Stewart with resting house (Warwick), House A, B and C teams at the field. TW, AM, AH, SB, RF, and SEN teacher. C teams controlled by one teacher and SEN helper. Maybe try and find a 6th former to ref this week (none really available on the timetable)

Mick and Sam.  Please could Pitch 4 be marked out again in blue as a temporary 9 a side pitch. Also could a 4 small goal areas be marked in blue on Pitch 7. We play 2 house football games across the pitch. 

Monday. pm. 4 senior pitches
Tuesday. pm.  4 senior, 2 9 a side.
Wednesday pm.  1 senior pitch
Thursday pm. Training areas and pitches
Friday. pm. 4 x 9 a side and Pitch 7. 5 a side pitches as well.
Saturday am. 

Tom/Ray/Paul WEEK A. Swimming pool in use again all week. See timetable. 
Monday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses. Ray upward trip at 1.15pm
Tuesday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses. Ray upward trip at 1.15pm
Wednesday. 1 coach and 4 minibuses. 
Thursday. 1 coach and 3 minibuses. SB will have a minibus am.
Coach 10.15 to Northey. Returns at 1.00pm. Back to Northey at 1.15pm. Collect from Northey at 3.15. Suggest pick up outside the field due to congestion.
Friday.  2 coaches and 4 minibuses