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Thursday 3rd May. Tennis v Wallington
Year 9/10 team lost on a shootout.

Saturday 5th May. Cricket v Wallington.
Year 9 A lost
Year 7 A lost
Awaiting Year 8 A result.

Wednesday 9th May. Athletics v Harris Academy and Wallington.
Mixed age groups. No team results available.

Thursday 10th May. Tennis v Trinity.
Year 9/10 team lost.

Saturday 12th May. Cricket v Latymer
Year 10 A lost
Year 8 A won
Year 8 B tied
Year 7 A won
Year 7 B tied

Wednesday 16th May. Athletics. Track and Field Cup. Ewell
Year 7/8 team finished 3rd
Year 9/10 team finished 1st
Both qualify for the next round.

Thursday 17th May. Tennis v Royal Russell.
Year 9/10 team lost again on a shootout.

Saturday 19th May. Cricket v John Fisher.
Year 10A, Year 9A, Year 8 A and B and Year 7 A and B all won.

Monday 21st May. Tennis v Cumnor House.
Year 7/8 team won 8-2

Wednesday 23rd May. Athletics v John Fisher and Greenshaw.
Results not known. Probably finished 2nd to John Fisher.

Wednesday 6th June. Athletics v Cheam and Stanley Park.
Results not known. We probably won this match.

Thursday 7th June. Tennis v Hinchley Wood. 
Year 7/8 team lost on a shoot out (controversial!)

Saturday 9th June. Cricket v Wilsons
Year 9A, Year 8A, Year 7 A and B lost.

Tuesday 12th June. Athletics. Track and Field Cup. 
Year 7/8 team, and Year 9/10 team finished 6th.

Wednesday 13th June. Athletics v Wimbledon College.
Results not known. We probably won this match though.