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This page is for Year 10 and 11 students taking GCSE PE. Here you will find information, worksheets and practice questions for the Edexcel GCSE syllabus, information on fitness training as the compulsory assessed practical unit, guidance for writing your Personal Exercise Plan and Analysis of Performance and the Controlled Assessment Guide listing all the different sports that can be assessed and the requirements of each.

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GCSE Past Exam Papers and Mark Schemes

Using test papers to prepare for exams

It's sensible to look at past papers as part of your exam practice. They won't help you predict the questions or topics that are likely to come up in the exam but you can use them to:

  • assess whether you have learnt the material
  • identify gaps in your knowledge.

Past GCSE Exam Papers 2011, 20122013 

Past GCSE Mark Schemes 2011, 2012, 2013

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Theory (40%)

Benefits of a healthy active lifestyle


Influences on a healthy active lifestyle


Health and skill related fitness


Principals of training


Methods of training


Diet, health and well-being


Physical activity and your healthy mind and body


Cardiovascular system


Respiratory system


Skeletal system


Muscular system


Practice Exam Questions


Practical (60%)

For the practical side of the GCSE students have to be assessed in four different activities. One of these is Fitness Training made up of two training methods (continuous and circuit). There is also a written Analysis of Performance and Personal Exercise Plan to be completed on Year 11 which will be based on Fitness Training. The other three activities can be chosen from the list on the Controlled Assessment Guide. Click here


It is possible to do activities that we do not teach at school but for these video evidence is required and this must be agreed with the teacher no later than February Half Term in Year 11.

It is also possible to be assessed as a leader or official in a sport, rather than a player, but this requires a high level of planning and detailed written records must be kept. This must also be agreed by the teacher by February Half Term of Year 11 but preferably organised and started well before that.


Fitness Training, Analysis of Performance and Personal Exercise Plan

Click on the links below for resources to help with this part of the practical


Boys doing cv circuit

Link for the perfect press-up. Click here

Link for the perfect star jump. Click here

Link for the perfect sit-up. Click here

Link for the perfect burpee. Click here

Link for the perfect squat thrust. Click here

Click here for infomation on Running technique


The Analysis of performance is based on running technique. All students do this because it is the easiest to analyse and get the top marks for!


Information for Year 10 and 11 boys not taking GCSE PE

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Controlled assessment information sheet for the next PSHE lessons.

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Information sheets for Year 11 non GCSE students (2013)to prepare for your exam.

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Training principles, work done in PSHE lesson.

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