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Short Course Students. We have missed a lot of lessons recently. To help you complete your PEP click here for considerable guidance. Do not copy it, but adapt it to your own circumstances.

Go to Analysis of Performance link opposite to download your perfect answer.

Year 11 Citizenship groups. Stuff to revise for your mock exam.

Definitions of Health and Fitness.

Components of Health related fitness

Component of Skills related fitness

Training principles

Body types


Aerobic or anaerobic

Drugs in sport

Basic first aid, RICE, DRABC.

Click the links to the right to navigate around the GCSE site. Click here to access the VO2 max level from your multi stage test.

Click here to access GCSE Bitesize for revision purposes.

Click here for the specification of the GCSE PE course. Pages 22 -26 give you the theory content of the Short Course.

Analysis of Performance

Link for the perfect press-up. Click here

Link for the perfect star jump. Click here

Link for the perfect sit-up. Click here

Link for the perfect burpee. Click here

Link for the perfect squat thrust. Click here

Year 11 students will be doing their PEP’s in the first half term block. This will start on the first Friday games session, when all boys will do the ‘Cooper Run’.

Click here for details.

Click here for an insight into how your performance can be analysed.

Opportunities to do extra fitness sessions at School.

Cross Country Club on Mondays.

Using the Fitness Suite at lunchtimes or for half an hour after School.

KS 4 football club run by Crystal Palace on Wednesdays, 3.30-4.30pm.

You may choose to do some work at home in the evenings or the weekend. You may already belong to a club where you could put sessions attended into a PEP.

GCSE Navigation

Backup information sheets This section contains theory information relevant to the PE lessons you do in Years 10 and 11. 

The PEP Templates and examples available to help you design your own PEP.

Analysis of Performance  This section has a model answer for analysis of performance in soccer. The questioning is the same for all sports. NEW. Football, ‘the Perfect Model’ for soccer technique. Links to a laws of the game website. EVEN NEWER. Badminton information.

Practical Activity guide This shows the full list of sports you could demonstrate for Full and Short Course PE.

Practical Activity assessment  This shows grade boundaries for some sports and lists the skills you need for the practical exam.

Notes for short course theory exam  New information giving information on Strength, Speed and Stamina training.