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lubs and Activities.  Week beginning 11th February

Monday .

Pre School

Lunch                                        Year 8 football. Sports Hall.

After School                               Badminton Club. Sports Hall for Year 7’s only.  Cross country moves to Tuesday this week

                                                 Senior football training at Sutton Tennis Centre Astro. Elite rowing session by invite only in                                                the Sports Hall lobby after school


Pre School

Lunch                                      Year 9 football. Sports Hall.

After School                             Basketball Clubs. Sports Hall.  Last Cross Country club at Northey. All welcome. Coach      3.45pm


Pre School                               Year 7 A team football training                        
Lunch                                      Year 12, 13 games periods                             

After School                            


Pre School                               Year 8 A team football training                           

Lunch                                      Senior Badminton and Gymnastics Clubjf                  

After School                            Year 10 A team football training. Rowing club              


Pre School

Lunch                                      Year 7 Football. Sports Hall.After School.                            Staff Badminton                    

Boys may sign up for the fitness suite. See forms in Sports Hall.

Lunchtime football clubs. Wear PE kit. All welcome from any class and of any ability.