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Staff Page. Week beginning 11th February 2008

Monday 11th February. Year 9

Back to normal games groups. IJ and SB on coach. SS and TW on minibuses. AB at School for Basketball.

Tuesday 12th Februray.
Year 7 am. SB on coach 1. IJ and TW on coach 2 at 11.25am

House Cross Country. First race starts as soon as 2nd coach arrives.

1st coach with A runners comes back to School at 12.25pm

2nd coach with B runners comes back at 12.45pm

Year 10 pm House Football trials. All boys to the field.

SB on first coach at 1.35pm with Blue and Brown. AB and SK on minibuses with Green. TW on 2nd coach with Red, who are changing in the Sports Hall.

CL not needed for today’s games.

Wednesday 13th February
Year 12 games.AS filmed match for assessment. SB and AB. Rugby v Carshalton. All other footballers to the field for internal matches.

Thursday 14th February.  Football and Rugby. SB and TW on coach.

Year 8

Back to normal games options. DH and IJ on coach. PD and TW on minibuses. SB to take over Basketball this week.

Friday 15 February Year 11

Hoiuse Football trials. SB and AB on coach. DH and SS on minibuses. TW on 2nd Coach. House Football trials.

Neil Carter.
Monday. Football and rugby. 3 pitches with portable goals on half way line.
Tuesday am. Cross Country. House Cross Country. Set of two results cards, markings for junior course and finish line.

Tuesday pm. House Football trials. Pitches as for Monday.

Wednesday. Awaiting information.

Thursday am. Football and rugby

Thursday pm Football and Rugby

Friday.As for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Information for Mick and Sam.

House Cross Country this week on Tuesday morning. Could the water jump be filled. This is the last one.
Not sure about Wednesday yet. No fixtures next Saturday morning. Half term. Nothing in the following week.