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A Level

Prospective A level students currently in Year 11 click here for a full detailed specification of the course.

A2 Rational Recreation ammended powerpoint without pictures.Click here

OCR mark scheme for June 2005. Click here

For editions of ‘Balls’ magazine. Loads of articles focusing on all areas of AS and A2

September 2006

January 2007

May 2007

Revision powerpoint AS and A2

Another revision powerpoint

AS PPP. Click here for PPP powerpoint.

Click here for PPP handbook.

Click here for a schedule of deadlines for PPP this year.

AS Practical. Dynamic stretching. Some examples. Click here

Lesson 1. Practical. We covered grip, multifeed drills, high serve and clear. Shot sequences, clear, clear, drop. Conditioned half court singles game, high serve, clear…play. Footwork, stamina training.

Schemes of work and key learning objectives click below for

Sports History for A2

Click here for schedule of work for A2 September-December 2007

A2 prompt sheet for athleticism. Click here

Click here for full schedule of work for A2 January-May 2008

Athletics history. Good website. Click here

Much Wenlock Olympian Games. Click here

White Lion Hackney. Click here

Worksheets for Popular Recreation. Click here

Answers to Popular Recreation worksheets. Click here

Worksheets for Public School Athleticism. Click here

Answers for Public Athleticism worksheets. Click here

Extracts from Tom Brown’s School Days. Click here

Comparative Studies for A2

Check out some of these websites.

For some good interactive tests on your knowledge of anatomy and physiology click here

For some analysis of performance on your chosen sport click here

A2 Swimming information on the development of strokes click here