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What’s the Story  Week beginning 11th February

Saturday 9th February. Football v Glyn

1st XI drew 1-1

2nd XI lost 2-1

Year 10 A lost 3-0

Year 10 B lost 5-1

Year 9 A lost 4-1

Year 9 B won 6-2

Year 8 A lost 2-1

Year 8 B lost 3-2

Year 7 A lost 2-1

Year 7 B lost 4-2

Although the above results look gloomy, Gyn were unable to field a 3rd and 4th XI so we played an internal match.

Our 3rd XI beat the 4th XI 4-1.

Thursday 7th February.

Swimmers in the County Swimming Championships in Cobham.

Andrew Norman of 9 Blue broke the backstroke record to win Gold.

James O’Hanlon of 8 Brown won Bronze in the Butterfly.

Ace Taylor  9 green beat his PB in the freestyle

Jacob Tidy of 8 Blue competed in the individual medley

Well done to all our swimmers in this event.

House Cross Country.

Click here for results. Year 7.  Year 8. Year 9. Year 10. Year 11.


Year 9. 1st Edward Saywell, Red, 2nd Edward Blocksidge, Red, 3rd Daniel Dunford, Green.

Overall. 1st = Brown and Blue, 3rd Red, 4th Green.

Year 10. 1st Chris Schofield, Blue, 2nd Zach Francis, Blue, 3rd Brieuc Lehmann, Green.

Overall. 1st Blue, 2nd Green, 3rd = Brown and Red.

Year 8. 1st Eddie Fotheringham, Brown, 2nd Matthew Elcox, Green, 3rd Charlie Foster, Blue.

Overall. 1st Brown, 2nd Green, 3rd = Blue and Red.

Year 11. 1st. Ed McDonagh Red, 2nd Neville Harris  Red, 3rd, Josh Manhire Blue.

Overall. 1st Green, 2nd Red, 3rd Blue, 4th Brown.

Year 7. 1st Luke Sefton, Red, 2nd Richard Barber, Blue, 3rd. Alfie Jervis, Red.

Overall. 1st Green, 2nd Red, 3rd Brown, 4th Blue.

Wednesday 6th February.

Year 13 teams.

A team beat Kingston 8-2

C team beat Kingston 6-0

B team beat Ewell Castle 6-1

Saturday 2nd February.

The home games were cancelled as most of the pitches were frozen. Away games did not go so well

v Brentwood

1st XI lost 2-1

2nd XI lost 2-0

3rd XI lost 1-0

4th XI lost 5-0

Year 7 A lost 4-0

Year 7 B drew 4-4

Wednesday 30th January. Football v Wilsons.

Year 12 A lost 2-0

Year 12 B lost 6-2

Year 12 C lost 6-0

Year 12 D lost 8-3

Rugby v Riddlesdown

Lost 63-0

House Gymnastics Year 9.

1st Brown, 2nd Red, 3rd Blue, 4th Green. Well done to all competitors.

House Gymnastics Year 8

1st Green, 2nd Brown, 3rd Red, 4th Blue.

House Gymnastics Year 7

1st Green, 2nd Brown, 3rd Red, 4th Blue.

Edward Saywell, 9 red finished 6th in the Surrey Schools Cross Country Championships and qualifies for the National Schools event later in the year.

Football on Saturday v St Pauls

3rd XI won 4-2

4th XI won 5-2

5th XI drew 1-1

Rugby v Carshalton Boys

Year 9/10 team won 54-10

District Cup match on Friday.

Year 11’s lost 4-1 to last year’s winners Overton Grange

Badminton on Wednesday.

School A and B team beat Tiffins.

Basketball on Thursday.

The Year 8 team finished 3rd in a four team tournament at Carshalton Boys School.

A report on the recent SGS China trip can be found here.

Click here for 7 blue cross country times

Click here for 7 brown cross country times

Click here for 7 red cross country times

Click here for 7 green cross country times

Senior House Football

Blue 2, Brown 2

Red 5, Green 2

Blue 2, Green 4

Brown 3, Red 0

House Rowing. Top scores to date for 250m

Year 11. Eliasz (green) 47.2, Freeborn (blue) 47.5, Lucas (green) and Jam (green) 47.9. Relay. Green, Blue, Red, Brown.

Year 10. Osbourne (blue) 46.4, Bukowski (blue) 48.4, Rylance (green) 48.5. Relay. Blue, Green, Brown, Red.

Year 9. Abraham (blue) 47.2, Fox (blue)49.5, Mc Mullan (red) 48.1, Butcher, (brown) 50.0. Relay. Brown, Red, Blue, Green.

House Table Tennis.

Monday. Year 10.  1st Brown, 2nd Red, 3rd Green, 4th Blue.

Tuesday. Year 8. 1st Blue, 2nd Green, 3rd Brown, 4th Red.

Wednesday. Year 7. 1st Red, 2nd Brown, 3rd Blue, 4th Green

Thursday. Year 9. 1st Green, 2nd = Brown, Blue, 4th Red

House Competitions from Open Evening. Final results based on A and B teams

Four a side football. Year 11. 1st Blue, 2nd Green, 3rd Brown.

Four a side football. Year 10. 1st Blue, 2nd Green, 3d Brown, 4th Red.

Four a side football. Year 7. 1st Red, 2nd Brown, 3rd Blue, 4th Green.

Basketball. Year 8. 1st Brown, 2nd Red, 3rd, Blue, 4th Brown.

Badminton. Year 9. 1st Blue, 2nd Green, 3rd Red, 4th Brown.

House Football.

Year 8 A. Blue 1, Brown 1. Green 5, Red 0. Blue 1, Green 0. Red 3, Brown 3. Red 3, Blue 1. Brown 2, Green 0.

Year 8 B. Blue 4, Brown 1. Green 3, Red 1. Green 2, Blue 1. Brown 0, Red 7. Red 2, Blue 1. Green 5, Brown 2.

C team. Over 3 weeks. 1s Blue, 2nd Brown, 3rd Red, 4th, Green.

Overall. 1st Brown, 2nd Red, 3rd Blue, 4th Green.

Year 9 A. Blue 0, Brown 0. Red 12, Green 2. Blue 6, Green 1. Brown 3, Red 1. Blue 0, Red 0. Green 0 Brown 0.

Year 9 B. Blue 0, Brown 6. Red 5, Green 3. Blue 3, Green 3. Brown 1, Red 4. Blue 1, Red 4. Brown 4 Green 3.

Year 7 A. Blue 3, Green 2. Red 2, Brown 3. Blue 1, Brown 2. Red 7, Green 2. Blue 2 Red 1. Brown 3 Green 1.

Year 7 B. Blue 0, Green 8. Red 3, Brown 1. Blue 0, Brown 7. Red 9, Green 2. Blue 0 Red 9.

Year 7 C. Blue 4, Green 4. Red 17, Brown 1. Blue 8, Brown 1. Red 7, Green 2. Green 9, Brown 1.